What's troubling you?

Are you finding it difficult to cope?

Do you feel anxious, stressed, depressed, worried?

Do you need to unravel how you are feeling?

Are you facing a difficult decision?

No one you can talk to?


Life can be tough when you are burdened by worrying thoughts and anxieties.


I can help you by providing a safe, calm, confidential environment in which to share your thoughts and feelings.  This will enable you to understand your situation, providing clarity and helping you to take positive steps to move forward.

Together we will look at your current situation and if appropriate, your past experiences and history. Then we can explore a range of strategies to enable you to take control of your life again and maintain your wellbeing in the future.

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Sharing your worries can help

What is Counselling?

Everyone experiences emotional ups and downs in their lives at some point or other, particularly when faced with difficult life events such as family upsets, illness, job situations, divorce, bereavement etc.

The power of counselling lies in you being able to share how you are feeling with someone who is not connected with you in any way and who can therefore offer a totally non-judgemental and impartial arena in which to explore your situation.


What will happen during the sessions?

At your counselling session the main technique used will be listening very deeply and attentively to what you are saying and then using open questions to reflect on and explore your thoughts and feelings further. 


This sharing, listening, reflecting and questioning helps you to see your situation more clearly, to understand your thinking patterns, reactions and behaviours.


With this shared insight, a plan of action can be formed as to how you might deal with those thoughts and feelings in order to move forward.


Practical techniques will be learnt to give you the tools to deal with your thoughts, emotions and behaviour which you can use in the future.

Sometimes past history and experiences may be looked at to identify emotional triggers, but only if this is appropriate.

All this is done at your pace; you stay in control, with me, as counsellor acting in a supportive, nurturing, empathetic and facilitating role.

See Beyond Your Worries

About Me

Working from venues in Settle and Skipton, I am a qualified counsellor who integrates different counselling techniques depending on the needs and aspirations of my clients. Most importantly however I believe in the power of positive action. I love working creatively and if clients are happy to do so I use art therapy, emotion cards, visulisation, dreamwork and other creative ways of unlocking 'stuck' emotions.


I have lots of experience working with people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and worry, however my person centred training means that I can offer support with a wide range of difficulties, be it family, job, relationships, health or general well being. Through my work at Cancer Support Yorkshire, I have supported people affected by cancer, be it the person themselves, a carer, relative or friend.

Although essentially I work in a person centred way,  I have experienced at first hand the effectiveness of mindfulness and where appropriate I use these learnt techniques to complement the counselling process.

Who can I work with?

I work with adults and in some instances, with young people over 16 years of age.


I began counselling with Philippa 6 months ago having been suffering from severe anxiety that had prevented me from working. Through the counselling I was shown different techniques on how to recognise my triggers and to manage these feelings. I found that talking through issues with someone who is not family or friends was a really good experience. I would highly recommend Pip. I am now returning to work and Pip has helped me to regain my work/life balance and restored my confidence.


A big thank you to Philippa for helping me so much in my sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of help to resolve their issues. She gave me the tools and techniques I needed to help me maintain a balanced and positive mindset. Thank you.



What can I help with?

Being a person centred counsellor means that I can help with a wide range of issues which may cause emotional difficulties, including (but not limited to):


Panic attacks


Bereavement and infant loss

Relationship and family issues


Looking at and resolving past situations

Worries about the future and goal setting

Hoarding and help with de-cluttering

Obsessive behaviours

Self confidence and self esteem

Job and career

Illness including cancer

My qualifications

My AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in

Therapeutic Counselling is accredited by the National Counselling Society.


I am on a register accredited by the

Professional Standards Authority.

Other qualifications:

  • AIM Awards Level 4 Diploma in    Counselling Skills and Theory

  • NCFE Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills

  • NCFE Level 2 Certificate in                         Food and Nutrition

  • Foundation for Infant Loss Training (2019)

Sessions & Prices

Price and Duration


Free initial telephone consultation (up to 50 minutes)

Further sessions (50 mins) - £40

Practical help with hoarding and de-cluttering - £15 per hour

Payment Options

Fees are payable either before or at the session and can be paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer.


There would be no charge for sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment, however fees would otherwise be payable in full.


I work from venues in Settle and Skipton, both of which are fully accessible to people across the Craven district. Home visits can be arranged in some circumstances.


Appointments are available during the day, but can also be arranged in the evenings and at weekends if more convenient.

To arrange an initial session, or to request further information - click here.  

Privacy Notice - Please be aware that if you send me any personal information, I will only hold and use this if we proceed to treatment, at which time I will require explicit consent from you to hold this data. If we do not proceed to treatment I will delete this information.


Contact Me

Please fill in the form below to arrange an obligation free and totally confidential chat about your circumstances, or if you would like to ask any further questions about my service.

Alternatively, feel free to email me on mail@pcarrcounselling.co.uk or call on 07722 072 939.

If I am unable to take your call when you ring, please leave a message and I will get back to you.


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